John who?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t been posting much lately.

And yet, people still visit this page. 

Yeah, I know.  Crazy, eh?

I’m not usually one to go poking around through the visitor stats, but I was intrigued to know what was driving traffic to the page during my lengthy absence.   So, while enjoying today’s executive lunch,* I decided to compile another list of Google searches that drove the public through the door of the Shoebox.

Well, at least the dirty squatters didn’t wreck the place.


1.  sperm swimming

Some poor science student was probably doing research for a term paper, and instead found my story about Mr. Super Sperm and his amazing inpregnating abilities.  Sorry ’bout that.


2.  pissed off sesame street

Because some people get off on angry Muppets, I suppose.  Or, they want to read my story about the drug dealer who lives upstairs from the Shoebox.


3.  flintstones skiddly wah wah

On the other hand, I would totally search for the GREATEST EVER EPISODE of the Flintstones.  Hot Lips Hannigan is the coolest cartoon character of all time, bar none.

But real men should not grow soul patches unless they fall into one of categories enumerated in my post on this important topic.


4.  cute boys shirtless in hawaii

Sure, why not?  If I had a few extra minutes on hand, I’d probably run this search.  And this is what they found:

I'll have what Michelle is having.

Uhhh…is it getting warmer in here?  No?  Just me?


5.  john prats shirtless

Are you wondering what I’m wondering? 

Why doesn’t anyone ever search for PANTLESS boys?

No wait, that’s not it.

Who the hell is JOHN PRATS?

According to Wikipedia:

John Paulo Quiambao Prats (born February 14, 1984 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino actor, dance icon, TV host, image model/endorser, (former) band drummer, car enthusiast and businessman.

Did you catch that?

Dance ICON

And businessman.  But mostly DANCE ICON.**

He is tagged as The Prince of Dance and Dancefloor Dynamite in the Philippines.

I had no idea.

 Regardless of how you stumbled into this place, thanks for visiting.  Many happy returns!


* Frantically spooning soup into my face as quickly as possible without dropping onto keyboard and/or shirt.

** I thought that Michael Flatley was a dance ICON, but apparently the Celtic step dancing phenomenon ended and no one told me.

"You may be the Prince, but I am the LORD OF THE DANCE! Wheeee!"


3 Responses to “John who?”

  1. April 21, 2010 at 1:29 am

    You don’t even want to SEE my search terms.


  2. April 21, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I’m just glad to see your words in print again, no matter what you’re talking about. Some say I’m rather easy to please…

  3. April 21, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Interesting, LotD is coming to D.C. this Sunday. I saw this shows way way back, yanno, before the whole Irish dance thing was old. Little known fact: Michael Flatley, not Irish. Yeah, he was born in … wait for it … Chicago.

    Also, two posts in two days? You may want to slow down so you don’t hurt yourself. (Still, my day’s a bit brighter.)

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