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It’s like being a lapsed Catholic, but worse

In 2010, you wrote 28 new posts.

Thanks, Stats Helper Monkeys, for pointing that out to me.

What the hell was I doing in 2010?  I wrote only 28 posts?

Was I curing cancer?  Recovering from cancer?  Building a house? Getting knocked up with triplets?  Appearing on Broadway?  Appearing in Playboy?  Marrying Hugh Hefner?

Well, no.

We think you did great!

That’s very kind, Monkeys, but I think it kinda sucks, actually.  I used to be able to knock out a solid 500 words daily* with no problem, and now…28 posts in 2011?

You haven’t blogged since 2004.

That is a much more honest assessment from a friend.   It’s been far too long.

You should always be writing.  You’re very talented.

Aw, that’s very sweet.  But it’s very time consuming.

To be honest, it’s easier to write when one’s life is a bit of a calamity.  It’s also easier to write when it’s done anonymously.  Lots of juicy, angsty material, and no danger of one’s mother finding out about that time you woke up on the floor of…well, never mind.

In 2010, calamity is a word that pretty much dropped out of my vocabulary.  The edges have smoothed off a little, the skin is a little thicker, and the fog has lifted enough to allow me to see a little farther down the road.  Writing about those things now makes me feel like a twelve-year old writing in a pink diary with a big, fluffy purple pen.  I’d like to think that I’ve matured since I started blogging in 2008, and the writing should reflect those changes.

It’s time to start writing about more interesting things, more often.  But like the rest of my out-of-shape muscles, the writing skills require some careful coaxing and stretching.

Happy 2011, everyone.  It’s going to be an interesting year.


* This includes drunken rambling.